MENDING: collective food party

A mending project: a playful assembly for collective food party 

My design inspirations here come from:
=Spiralizing vegetables to shift texture, flavor, digestion, appearance raw or cooked
=Modular food assembly for collectives, as in Chipotle industrial design
=EcoArtTech play and experiments, as in Os Fermentation

Graphic inspirations:
=Sweetgrass online menu:
=Don't Lose the Cow Chipotle method graphic:
=EcoArtTech projects website design:

Playing with food is one thing that has given me great pleasure despite necessities to shift what I eat! I am always finding new foods I did not know about before, new ways to prepare and display food, new makings of food that open up histories and cultural variations. My metaphor/reality here for "Spiralizing vegetables" suggest ways to shift among good assumptions and diets with adherents and faiths! Food is often religious both literally and ...metaphorically.

In this playing with food modular menu systems meet EcoArtTech meet MakerSpace:
Consider the structure of Chipotle's Create your Meal: base, filling, wow with examples
>base: Salad, Pasta, Wrap, Bowl
>filling: Greens, Veggies, Grains, Beans
>wow: Sauces, Nutritional, Dressings, Condiments

Consider the food party, art exhibition of EcoArtTech called Os Fermenation

Let's Spiralize both!  
>base: Salad, Veggie threads not Pasta, Leaf Wraps, Bowl of "riced" veggies
>filling: more Greens, Veggies in cooked and mixed preparations
>wow in small amounts: Fruit, Nuts & Seeds, Oil, Dairy, Olives, Avocado, Fermented items, Sauces, Nutritional, Dressings, Condiments, Grains, Beans, Egg, Fish (Meat, Poultry)

Consider a collective food design party with eye to organic and biodynamic when possible
In order of portion size with suggestive but not exhaustive examples or possibilities
(highlights are choices especially good for me as a low carb person with diabetes who is also a vegetarian who eats fish, eggs, and dairy)

>Base of greens and-or cabbage 
+Add vegs with eye to carb weight (sea vegetables) (winter and root vary) ARTICHOKES!
+Add protein with eye to options: sustainability, season, agribusiness, carbon footprint, global production: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Seafood; Eggs, Dairy; Grains, Bread, Pasta; Beans, Tofu, Tempe; Nuts, Seeds, Mushrooms
+Add fats with eye to fatty acids, calories, Omega balances (EV Unfiltered OOil; butter)
+Fermented foods (various pickles, yoghurt, kimchi, Surströmming herring, Sauerkraut, natto)
+Supplement with fruit or other sweet with eye to carb weights and calories; production
+Supplement with condiments with eye to ingredients (pesto, salad dressing)
+Alcohol with eye to effects on liver function and glucose lowering as well as calories (beer, wine, cider, spirits)